Head Lice

Head Lice

Head lice is a common problem found in humans’ hair, lashes or eyebrows. Even though it is more common for head lice to be found at childcare centres, schools and sporting clubs, its not uncommon for parents, guardians and friends to pick up head lice bug. Head lice is easy to treat if you get on to it straight away. But as we all know prevention is best.  To avoid catching the tiny critters yourself is as simple as,
 – always tie your hair back for school, if it is long 
                                              – teach your child/children to always remember their hat (as to avoid sharing others)

If you discover your child/children have head lice always contact their school and any other community groups they may attend as headlice can become a big problem within these groups as head lice spreads very quickly. You should then treat the persons hair with the treatment solution that best suits you. There are many to choose from like shampoo, conditioner, and lotions. They very in branding and style of application. Your local pharasist can help you deside which is best you. In general you would repeat the treatment after 7 days up to 3 times. This has been said to work if the head lice is court early.

Though, on a personal note coming from a parent in the passed I have addvised people (at least for the first week) to comb their hair in order to remove any lice daily.
Every day
1) soak dry hair in conditioner
                 2) section the hair in to 4
                 3) starting at the nap section 1cm sections horozotaliy and comb the hair with your metal nit comb. 
                 4) wipe excess condition onto paper towel as you work through each section
                 5) continue step 3 and 4 through all on the hair

To find out more call in or phone Renée today, your local pharmacist we are always happy to help.

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