Male Hair and Grooming Services Auchenflower

At Renaissance Amor, we understand that it can often be difficult to find a professional hair stylist for men offering the complete suite of male hair styling and beard grooming services in Auchenflower. This is why we have established our boutique salon’s clientele as all-encompassing and cater to the needs of all hair and beauty conscious people, regardless of their gender. With 20% of our customer-base comprised of males, we are confident in our ability to provide quality, polished male hair and grooming services.


Our personalised approach to hairdressing and hair styling doesn’t just apply to women – it applies to men too! With a qualified hair stylist for men, male customers can enjoy a one-of-a-kind individualised service, whether it be for a style cut, clipper cut or hair colouring. Our male hair services in Auchenflower are available to males of all ages, whether they be pre-school aged, school-aged, middle-aged or elderly. We understand that every male has a unique style and differing expectations when it comes to hair services. It is for this reason that Renaissance Amor take a customer-first approach and can customise male hair styling to make your look timeless and sophisticated, edgy and hip, or bold and sharp.


As well as providing barber services offering the latest hair styles specifically catered to males, Renaissance Amor also offer beard sculpting and beard grooming services in Auchenflower for the man who wants to maintain his finest physical appearance. We can undertake beard sculpting for men, either in addition to male hair styling services or as a separate grooming service.